07 March 2014

Assimilate Everything

Hey, you! ... Hey! Yeah! You!
You need to know about my new blog!
Wait.I'm a professional business student. I should act as such.. *ahem*

People who hover around the internet,

Assimilate Everything is a branch off of Classy Cavern. This blog is designed to inform on many, may different topics. Why should you believe what I write? Well, as a student, I have access to a college library, textbooks, and well-educated professors; I am also extremely interested in many different subjects. Everything I write in posts will be researched using books (not the internet) and the references will be listed. Anything that does not have references listed is what I just happened to know over my years as a student that may not be so important to reference. 
If you have any questions, suggestions, etc, just comment!

I post, so you can Assimilate Everything.



05 March 2014

Broken Pocket Watch

I don't have anything to say about this other than...

Those odd stick-like things are twigs. The Roman numerals are unevenly spaced, and it's a bit unfinished.

04 March 2014

New Edit

I haven't been able to do another photo shoot for a long, long time so I'm stuck with old ones. Here is a recent edit of one of my old photos:

For the original pics, click this.