04 June 2014

Lemon Pepper Chicken with Garlic Butter Noodles

Sounds good right? Well, it looks good. And, trust me, it was good. ;)

Ok, so how do you make it already?

 First, let me explain something about the way I cook. I don't measure anythinggg, because I only cook one serving..for myself. I live with my boyfriend now (he basically only eats grilled cheese), and I don't like/I tend to forget about leftovers. They just rote in my fridge if I fridge them.
Here's a list of ingredients I used in the marinade for the chicken:
We'll use the + and - system to determine what I used more of.
  • One whole fresh lemon (half squeezed, half sliced)
  • Ground White pepper 
  • Black Pepper 
  • Onion powder 
  • Sea salt 
  • Olive oil 
  • Water 
  • Roasted garlic  
  • Pinch of organic sugar

Just throw that shit and the chicken together in a Tupperware to make this:

Smell it. If it doesn't smell good to you, fix it because it won't taste good either. 
Let it chill in the fridge for an hour or so.

Boil some water with olive oil, sea salt, and roasted garlic. Add the noodles, I used Delallo organic whole grain spaghetti no. 4 from Whole Foods.

Before those noodles are fully cooked, spray a pan with pam and flop that chicken in there. Add a couple tablespoons of the marinate and cover with a lid.

Add some butter, sea salt, and garlic powder to the fully cooked noodles.

Flip the chicken and leave the lid off of the pan.

 Poor the noodles into a bowl-plate and stick the chicken on top. Garnish with cilantro. ;)

30 May 2014


Hi! I know I seriously haven't been on here posting. I've been moving into my boyfriends house..and it's been hectic. Anyway, I've been posting a lot more on Instagram and Pinterest if anyone is interested!

07 March 2014

Assimilate Everything

Hey, you! ... Hey! Yeah! You!
You need to know about my new blog!
Wait.I'm a professional business student. I should act as such.. *ahem*

People who hover around the internet,

Assimilate Everything is a branch off of Classy Cavern. This blog is designed to inform on many, may different topics. Why should you believe what I write? Well, as a student, I have access to a college library, textbooks, and well-educated professors; I am also extremely interested in many different subjects. Everything I write in posts will be researched using books (not the internet) and the references will be listed. Anything that does not have references listed is what I just happened to know over my years as a student that may not be so important to reference. 
If you have any questions, suggestions, etc, just comment!

I post, so you can Assimilate Everything.